Camelback Mazda leads the way with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY in Phoenix

Mazda's revolutionary SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY represents the brand's longstanding commitment to producing cars and SUVs that are both fuel-efficient and exciting to drive. Too often performance is sacrificed for improved gas mileage, and that's why it's more important than ever to achieve sustainable innovations in automotive technology that don't take the fun out of driving.

Camelback Mazda's lineup of vehicles includes highly efficient engines, transmissions and body-structure designs unique to the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY line that reduce weight and fuel consumption, yet still offer class-leading acceleration and performance.

SKYACTIV®-G and SKYACTIV®-D are the world's first mass-produced gasoline engines to achieve a compression ratio of 14.0:1 and significantly improved efficiency; specifically, the SKYACTIV®-G delivers 15 percent & increases in fuel economy and torque. The SKYACTIV®-D engine - the &  diesel counterpart to the G - allows for 20 percent better fuel efficiency when paired with an all-new two-stage turbocharger.

Each SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY engine works in cooperation with a SKYACTIV®-DRIVE transmission, which combines the advantages of both Continuously Variable and traditional transmissions. CVT transmissions have gone a long way in improving fuel economy, but often at the cost of performance and quick acceleration. Mazda engineers bridged the gap with a set of SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY transmissions that offer a 4 to 7 percent increase in fuel economy without losing power along the way.

The final piece of the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY triumvirate lies in its low-weight body and chassis construction. By using new materials and high-strength steel, Mazda vehicle body structures are 8 percent lighter and 30 percent more rigid than previous iterations. When combined with a chassis that is 14 percent lighter than ever before, each Mazda with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY achieves tighter handling capabilities and reduced fuel consumption.

Visit Camelback Mazda today and test drive a Mazda in Phoenix with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY.

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