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When to Replace, Align & Rotate Your Tires

Check out this video to get information about tire care and protection from our service shop in Phoenix.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

The rubber on your car's tires will eventually 'tire out' after years of use and thousands of miles on the road. When the tread becomes low or bald, it can put you and other surrounding commuters in a precarious position. To avoid a blowout, make sure you check your tires throughout the year and visit our tire shop in Phoenix for service or new tires if needed.

See our tips to check and protect your tires, along with information below regarding common problems associated with tires.

My Tires Are Cracking

Along with old age, cracks can begin to appear in tires after long-term exposure to the elements, including the Phoenix area's sweltering heat. If you see cracks in your tires, have them checked ASAP to see if they're simply running across the surface or penetrating deeper into the rubber, which is highly dangerous.

My Car Vibrates

If the problem is related to your tires/wheels, it's likely that you need to have your wheels balanced. Vibration is a common occurrence when tires are unbalanced, but this symptom may also indicate another issue like suspension damage, so make an appointment with the pros at our Mazda tire shop in Phoenix to assess the problem.

My Car Pulls to One Side

Mazda Tire Service in PhoenixAlong with being an annoyance, pulling also poses a hazard in that it reduces vehicle control. If related to tires, pulling could mean that your car is due for a tire alignment or that one of your tires is underinflated.

Tires Worn Out on One Side of Car

This could indicate several things, including that the tires have not been rotated in quite some time, the wheels could be out of alignment or the air pressure may be off on one or more of your tires. Check our coupon specials to see if we're currently offering any discounts on tires or tire-related services.

There's a Bubble in the Side of My Tire

This is typically the case when you've run into a pothole or another obstruction in the road. A bulge or bubble means that there's been internal damage to the tire and that air is leaking out. This is very dangerous and should be brought to the attention of a certified mechanic immediately in order to avoid a blowout.

Phoenix Tire Shop Near Me

If you're shopping for new tires in Phoenix, Camelback Mazda offers a variety of options from companies such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone and more. Plus, our shop is where to get your tires rotated and aligned by highly trained professionals with state-of-the-art equipment.

Additionally, you'll experience many benefits when bringing your car to Camelback Mazda versus chains like Big O Tires, Discount Tires or Walmart:

  • Excellent tire warranty and quality guarantees
  • Work performed by OEM-trained mechanics
  • Complimentary car washes
  • Free refreshments while you wait
  • Comfortable lounge area with free Wi-Fi

Need new Mazda tires for your car or SUV? Stop by our dealership in the Camelback Corridor to get your tires replaced for an affordable price!


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