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Meet Mazda SkyActiv® Technology

Mazda has said time and time again that their engineers are "driver-obsessed" and this is nowhere more evident than in the SkyActiv technology they're installing in the latest Mazda vehicles. The goal of Sky is to increase fuel efficiency and engine output so that every mile you drive on the road makes the most out of every single drop of fuel. Their technique for doing this has been built into three primary components of the vehicle: The engine, the transmission, and the chassis. To accommodate even more efficiency, they've made new Mazda bodies even lighter so that the SkyActiv technologies will be at peak performance. The result? Mazda has topped EPA fuel-efficiency rankings for years now. A vehicle that saves you money day after day on fuel is certainly a worthwhile investment. Yes, you might pay more for the SkyActiv technology, but the fuel rankings are unbelievable and allow you to truly save money over a long-term period. As long as you're filling up a Mazda (your own), you're saving money.

How Does This Make Driving For Me Easier?

The lighter body has made for a smoother ride in general, too. With less bulk on Mazda vehicles, drivers are able to capitalize on the SkyActiv transmission systems. You can choose from either a manual or an automatic. The transmission is incredibly responsive to driver commands, giving the sensation of acceleration with precise control. And that's what driver'-focused technology is all about: The driver should always be in control of the car's motions, and the car's motions should be as effortless as possible. The power of the Mazda SkyActiv engines make that possible, with the 6-speed manual or automatic transmission handling the precision of the acceleration.

The SkyActiv technology has been a huge part of Mazda's success over the past few years, completely turning around sales for the company and ushering in a new era of prosperity. The goals of the engineers continue to focus on the driver experience and how modern vehicles should be responsible not only to the environment but to the people who depend on vehicles to get them places. The better the fuel efficiency, the more places you can go. Mazda has a lot to celebrate for the future, as SkyActiv technology continues to drive the brand forward.

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If you'd like to learn more about SkyActiv technology, we'd love to share know knowledge of the technology with you. Simply give us a call today, write into our website, or stop by and see us here at Camelback Mazda. We're a sales team that believes strongly in educating our customers before they buy. This means answering all of your questions, being meticulous about details so that you know what you're buying, and keeping everything casual and friendly throughout so that you're comfortable with the buying experience. If you're interested in Mazda vehicles that possess the SkyActiv technology, we can let you know which vehicles to browse. Call or write today!

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