6 Ways to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

jumping starting car battery

When living in Phoenix, or anywhere else for that matter, getting stranded due to a dead battery is a huge pain; so follow these simple guidelines if you want to make sure that your battery lasts as long as it should.

  1. Keep your car out of the sun as much as possible during the summer. Hot temperatures put much more strain on batteries, and are therefore one of the biggest reasons for battery failures. In the summer, park in a garage, under a carport or simply in a shaded area any time you can.

  2. Have the battery and terminals cleaned regularly. When you receive battery service at our car dealership on Camelback Road, we’ll handle this as well as check the charge on your battery and treat the battery with a protectant.

  3. Make sure the battery is securely locked in place. Movement can prevent a proper connection, so make sure your battery isn’t jiggling around and that its restraint device is properly working.

  4. Avoid using your radio and other accessories when the car is turned off, which can drain the battery faster.

  5. Ensure that you are using the right battery for your Mazda, or whichever make and model vehicle you drive.

  6. If you’ve ever wondered if short drives really drain car batteries, the answer is yes. Shorter trips don’t give car batteries much time to fully charge. In addition, with certain types of batteries, if you take short trips often, it can cause something known as “charge memory” or “memory effect,” which means the battery will begin to lose capacity. To try and offset this, take longer trips every once in a while.
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