How to Prevent Chipping Your Windshield in Arizona

Windshield rock chip

The first year I lived in Phoenix, I was shocked at how many chips and cracks my windshield accrued. I’d never experienced this in California, and wasn’t warned by any of my friends about this particular quirk of living in Arizona; although I was told plenty of times about the summer heat.

While there’s no way to entirely avoid getting your windshield chipped when driving around the Phoenix area, particularly the east valley, there are some tips you can follow that will reduce your chances.

How to Avoid Windshield Chips

  • Try not to drive on freeways following a rainstorm, when rocks tend to be scattered around.

  • Attempt to stay away from big rigs and even regular pickup trucks. Especially avoid driving directly behind them or even behind them in an adjacent lane.

  • Don’t tailgate, especially not at a higher speed. In general, you should avoid this for your safety, but also note that it can put you right in the trajectory of flying rocks.

  • Avoid routes near construction projects when possible. Yes, I know there’s tons of construction all around the Valley, but when you can, it’s best to avoid driving near those areas – especially sites right by or off of freeways.

  • Drive slower. This can help lessen the force of impact if rocks do hit your windshield.

  • Keep in mind that the majority of rock chips are received when driving on the freeway. While unavoidable for longer trips, if you hop on the freeway to travel short distances, consider using a street route instead.

If you’re like me and you shudder any time you hear a loud crack when driving, these tips may offer you some relief.

When the time comes for you to get windshield replacement in Phoenix, our body shop can help; but I hope it’s a long time before you encounter your next rock chip.

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